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Betty Boyd, Former State Senator

When I think of an effective voice for mental health - for individuals and importantly for healthy communities - the first person in Jeffco who comes to mind is Harriet Hall. She has a long career of working in the public arena. As mayor, she will work to make Arvada a thriving, healthy community.

Dave Thomas, former District Attorney, First Judicial District; former Director, Colorado Department of Public Safety: currently with O'Brien, Thomas, and Bibik LLC

I support Harriet Hall even though I do not live in the city limits of Arvada.  My wife and I do most of our business, shopping and leisure time in Arvada.  We are literally a few feet outside the city limits. I have been friends with Harriet for more than 30 years.  I co-founded the Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center with her when it was the first of its type in Colorado.  We worked side by side after the terrible tragedy at Columbine High School where Jefferson Center for Mental Health opened a resource center for the residents of the area who were deeply impacted by the tragedy.  We served together on the Jefferson County Community Corrections Board for many years, a critical component of the criminal justice system.  Finally, my wife has served on the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board for Jefferson Center for Mental Health, a superb organization that Dr. Hall built from its infancy to an immensely respected service provider.  We have observed her leadership first hand and she is the epitome of a committed leader and dedicated member of this community.  I share her view of what Arvada should be and can be.  Dr. Hall has the experience, leadership skills and commitment to make a terrific Mayor for Arvada.

Jessie Danielson, Colorado State Senator

Harriet Hall has my support and will do an excellent job for our community as Mayor of Arvada.

Kathy Hartman Jefferson County Commissioner 2007-2010

I have had the privilege of serving on the Jefferson Center Board of Directors, both as a citizen representative and as a County Commissioner, while Harriet was CEO. Harriet's leadership directed the agency through tremendous turbulence, as the major revenue sources of the Center went through dramatic change. She protected the financial integrity of the Center while never forgetting the mission of service to the Center's clients. But more than anything, Harriet LISTENS. I am confident that she can bring the citizens of Arvada together towards common values and visions. 

Kathryn Wallace, Arvada resident and community advocate

I know Harriet Hall to be a woman of great passion and integrity. Under her down to earth manner is a superior intelligence and a proven leader. She will make a great Mayor.

Representative Brianna Titone House District 27

I am honored to endorse Harriet Hall in her run for Mayor of the City of Arvada. Harriet is the consummate champion for our community. If anyone in our city can claim to legitimately represent the common, intersectional interests of all Arvadans, its she. Supported by her transparent vision, confident leadership and collaborative work ethic, there is nothing a unified city council cannot accomplish. I look forward to learning from her vast experience as the former CEO of Jefferson Center for Mental Health as well as her work as an advocate for responsible development in Arvada. 

Cindi Kreutzer, Arvada resident and community advocate, former Chair, Board of Adjustment

"Harriet and I met several years ago while we were both acting as Community Advocates opposing inappropriate new development projects in Arvada. Since then a friendship has grown both inside and outside of our shared concern for our community. She absolutely loves the city she has made her own and loves the people who share it with her. One of the things I most respect about Harriet is her ability to be a collaborative leader in a calm and self-assured manner. “Listening” is not just hyperbole for Harriet, she actually does it, and she does it very well. She faces difficult situations with dignity and grace and encourages those around her to be better people, without knowing she is doing it. Harriet Hall will be a fantastic Mayor because she is a great business leader with a huge heart, she cares so deeply about Arvada and Arvada citizens and she is one of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever known."

Kristin Alexander, Arvada resident

"I just read your position, and your background. I too have moved a lot as a child. I found myself calling Arvada home for 20 years plus now. I do not like the direction our town is going in. The old town character is slipping through our fingers. I like your position to keep some of our history. I also like the fact you are a profound leader in the mental health field. Sadly these days we are over run with stress and other weighted issues that people need support in. You sound like a winner for Arvada. Good luck !!"

Randy Stafford, Member, Jefferson Parkway Advisory Committee

"I endorse Harriet because I believe she will prioritize public health over economic development in matters relating to Rocky Flats, especially the Jefferson Parkway."


Dr. Annette Cannon, Jefferson County Coroner

"Harriet Hall is the leader that Arvada deserves, therefore, I am endorsing her for her run as Arvada Mayor. I have known Harriet for 20 years or more and served on a Senate appointed committee with her to address mental illness in the criminal justice system. I have worked along side of her as an RN through the mental health system in Colorado. I know her to be a person who is dedicated, committed, fair, responsible and accountable. She works collaboratively to get things done for all! She will work hard to serve the Arvada community."

Jerry DiTullio, Jefferson County Treasurer

“As the former Mayor of Wheat Ridge, I recognize Harriet Hall as a fantastic choice for Arvada Mayor. Her background as the CEO of one of the largest community-based mental health providers in Colorado as well as her long track record of citizen advocacy for fiscal transparency, responsible development, affordable housing and shared community spaces makes Harriet an ideal choice for Mayor of Arvada. As Jefferson County Treasurer, I look forward to working with Harriet to support the overall financial health of Arvada and Jefferson County.” 


Dr. James Bachman –Kaiser Permanente

"I would like to add my endorsement of Harriet Hall for City Council.  I met Harriet over a decade ago in Olde Town Arvada. I was new to Arvada; Harriet had lived here for decades.  Since we both live in historic districts and share a love of local, regional and state politics, she encouraged me to become involved in Arvada politics and to attend City Council meetings. 

Harriet cares deeply about our quality of life in Arvada as well as the history of our town. I've watched her address the Arvada City Council to share her thoughtful and well-prepared opinions on development and historic preservation on numerous occasions.  Harriet favors more citizen input and more careful consideration of the developments that are so quickly altering the face of Arvada. Harriet is simply a nice person.  She is reliable and compassionate.   I know she will work hard for all of us."


Dr. Dan Fishbein, VP of Corporate Business Development, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, and Arvada resident.

Harriet brings a unique brand of intelligence, inclusiveness, and independence to a council that needs it. In this contentious time, she brings people together, but she is also most definitely a voice for people whose voice too often remains unheard. She would make a great member of the Arvada Council.


Susan Shirley, Arvada resident and community activist

I am so pleased that Harriet is running for Mayor! I think her thoughtful, positive, and caring approach, alongside her remarkable ability to listen, learn, and adapt, will be of great benefit to the city we all care so much about.


Julia Vitanyi, Arvada resident and community advocate

“I feel that Harriet’s 37 year career at Jefferson Center for Mental Health, being a long time Arvada resident, and her Arvada community involvement makes her a great fit for Arvada City Council.  With the way our city is growing, we need someone who can see the bigger picture, like Harriet!  Without a doubt, Harriet has my support.  She is dedicated honest, and sensible. 

I was so thrilled to hear Harriet was running, even more thrilled when I realized it was the district I live in.  Can’t wait for the yard signs to come out!”


Lorraine Bowen, Arvada resident and education advocate 

“I am delighted that Harriet Hall has decided to run for the Arvada City Council. I know her to be an intelligent, thoughtful person who is able to bring people together to make the world a better place. The Jefferson Center for Mental Health is an organization that has improved the quality of life of the residents of Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek counties under the direction of Harriet Hall. I believe she will bring the skills that made her a successful CEO to the City Council. Harriet loves Arvada and is committed to her community. She will act in the best interest of all the people in Arvada.

Take time to get to know Harriet Hall. You will be as impressed as I am with this remarkable woman.”



Dr. Annette Cannon, Jefferson County Coroner

Gretchen Cerveny, former mayor, WheatRidge

Dr. Carl Clark, CEO, Mental Health Center of Denver

Senator Jessie Danielson

Representative Monica Duran, House District 24

Ray Fleer, Retired Undersheriff, Jefferson County; current Project Coordinator, Porchlight Family Justice Center

Jane Goff, State Board of Education, Congressional District 7

Dr. Mark Johnson, Director, Jefferson County Public Health

Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp  House District 29

Cheryl Lammers, former Chief Probation Officer, First Judicial District

Sharon Raggio, CEO, Mindsprings Health

Andrew Romanoff, Former Colorado Speaker of the House; former CEO, Mental Health Colorado; candidate for US Senate

Shawna Schantz-Fritzler, Education advocate, Support Jeffco Kids

Dr. Randy Stith, former CEO, Aurora Community Mental Health Center

Debbie Stafford, former State Representative

Dave Thomas, former District Attorney, First Judicial District


Kristin Alexander

Amy Arendt

Linda Barringer

Phil and Betty Bradley

Les Canges

Christopher Chalfant

Frances Cinquanta

Keegan Conley

Cassie Connolly

Alan Cooper

Judith Denham

Kathy Drulard and Mark Bishard Pharm.D.

Stan Dyer

Dina Eledge

 Brandon Figliolino

Seth Ford

Tom Garretson

Juli German

Cassandra Goldfine

Bonnie Graham-Reed

Ashley Griffin

Hildegard Hix

Brenda Hoge

Maggie Hudson

Eric Jones

Elizabeth Kuhns

Robin Kupernik

Cindi and Pat Kreutzer

Brenda Lausman

Heather Logan

Pat Malone

Dexter Meyer

Evelyn Miner

Mindy Mohr

Julia Morrison

Vicki Moulton

Sarah Neel

Karen Nelson

Karen Pramenko

Joyce Richardson

Mary Ross

Quinn Sena

Kate Shirley

Susan Shirley

Rachael Smallwood

Barbara Smith

Johanna Stephenson

Sasha Stiles

Judy Strasbaugh

Suzanne Sullivan

Karen Tonso

Tim Trujillo

Amy Turner

Kathryn Wallace

Robert Willis

Norma Wilson

Cheri Urda-Wissel

Katie Vigil

Julia Vitanyi

Kursten von Koss

Custin Yowell

Carol Zinanti

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