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Affordable Housing

Whether it is our seniors who wish to continue to live in Arvada, our grown children who would love to put down their roots in their home town, the teachers or nurses or myriad of others who provide the services we and our families need, or the many other people who work in Arvada — many residents are concerned about finding or retaining affordable housing.  Arvada needs to do some very thoughtful planning.  Retaining existing affordable housing and creating new housing that is affordable for our seniors, our workforce, and our children, is critical to Arvada’s well-being, economic prosperity, and sense of community.  As Mayor this will be a top priority.

Health, Safety, and the Jefferson Parkway

Arvada must get its priorities straight, and put the health and safety of our residents ahead of our development goals.  Given concerns about Rocky Flats, the Jefferson Parkway toll road proposal is concerning.  The health and safety questions make continuing with this project problematic.  Given that thousands of Arvada citizens are now living in areas that some believe are dangerous, health and safety is likely to be a difficult issue regardless of what happens with the parkway.

Homeless in Arvada

Homelessness, an increasing concern in Arvada, is a complex and multi-faceted issue.  This paper outlines a variety of factors that we must address:

  • Collaborate with our neighboring municipalities and counties and the State.·      
  • Involve local citizens in planning and committing to prevent and end homelessness. 
  • Increase access to stable and affordable housing for people experiencing or most at risk of homelessness.
  • Implement Evidence-based practices
  • Support the non-profit and religious entities who are doing their best to provide services for Arvada’s homeless. 

Neither tougher law enforcement nor ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away will resolve this complicated issue.

Support Small Business

Arvada’s current development efforts have tended to favor large, national businesses over local small business.  We need a balanced approach, as both benefit our City.  Without this balance, we risk losing some of our most important and valued assets.  Small business is a long-proven growth engine for local communities, and as Mayor, I will support the needs of small businesses, as their economic impact on the community is great.

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal was established in Colorado to remediate blighted areas in communities throughout the state. Colorado law authorizes municipalities to establish Urban Renewal Authorities (URAs) and provides them with tools to combat blight and slum conditions. The definition of blight is vague, and URAs have broad latitude in determining which areas they designate as “urban renewal areas”.  The most common form of urban renewal financing, tax increment financing (TIF), is explained in this paper.  I believe that Tax Increment Financing should only be used as a funding mechanism for projects that cannot be done without it and that meet a community need.

Smart, Responsible Development

We need smart, responsible development that takes into consideration the context within which we are building, and is supported by adequate connecting roadways to the rest of the city.  We need development that provides Arvada citizens with what they need, including affordable housing, nearby, convenient restaurants and retail, and the necessary infrastructure to support the growth.

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